Measuring or Manufacturing?

We're Atlantic Canada’s one-stop shop for all CAD/CAM, DNC and contract measuring solutions. If you need a team that's fast, experienced and easy to work with, call us today.

CAD/CAM/CNC software

We're the go-to group for CAD/CAM and DNC software solutions. As a Mastercam “value-added reseller”, we don't just sell the software — we also provide expert training and support. Tell Me More →

Metrology products

To answer the need for large object measuring, and being affordable, Romer portable CMM arms paired with Verisurf software provide an excellent solution. These CMM arms range from1.2m (4') diameter measuring envelope up to 4.5m. Volumetric accuracy at 1.2m starts at 0.020mm (0.0008"). These arms are ideal for measuring weldments, large machined parts, and are so lightweight, they are easily carried to the part. Tell Me More →

Collaborative robots

Collaborative robots are an evolution of traditional industrial robots. These collaborative robots are designed with operator safety, ease-of-use and affordability in mind. They come as a complete solution: 6 axis arm controller + teach pendant PLC with 32+ I/O Ethernet, Modbus Tell Me More →


Services available include CNC programming, on-site measuring/inspection and part design Tell Me More →